Become an "Outdoor Educator"

Some individuals have a natural inclination to be close to nature. They enjoy the outdoors, be it a nature trail or an adventure outing. For them nature is like a second home and find themselves equally comfortable out there in spite of the hardships they encounter on some of their outings. Given the opportunity they are always willing to be outdoors again & again.

- Are you one of them?
- Are you in the age group 21 to 26 years?
- Do you think you can enjoy spending time with others in the wilderness?
- Have you participated in an adventure program or a course in the near past?
- Would you like to challenge yourself with the assignments of an "Outdoor Educator"?

If you are inclined to say "YES" to the questions above, (even though a little hesitantly at this stage) you are the person we are looking for.

In six months, we will train & groom you to be the "Outdoor Educator".

Under the guidance of your senior you will also learn to run the programs effectively.

Once you are confident of leading the groups independently into the wilderness and give them the best experience of their life you will have assignments earmarked for you as the "Outdoor Educator".

You will be compensated handsomely for your efforts to make these Outward Bound Programs worthwhile for the participants.


We are a human resources training organization. Our activities and programs are based on experiential learning methodologies. Students connected with these fields are welcome to explore the internship possibilities.

Blog as a guest

If you enjoy writing and are willing to experience the Outward Bound way of learning, you can become a great asset to the youth community. You can play a significant role in informing and educating people about Outward Bound and its benefit of participation through your blogs.

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