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Category: Adult

Program Overview :

Expedition: "Climbing for a Cause".

The best way to know Outward Bound, its philosophy, and its functioning, you should join “Expedition – CFC”.

If you do so, you will also be supporting the youth development initiatives by Outward Bound through its multiple development projects.

Moreover, you will be sending a strong message to the youth & the young adults around you about the importance of healthy recreation & fitness. You will become a role model for many in the upcoming generations, who will look up to you as leaders, motivators & innovators. 

This expedition will just be the beginning. As our honored guests, you will be invited to watch from close quarters our programs and advise us on various aspects. You will be able to nurture this 'Not for Profit' organization towards success and glory. 

This expedition is not a regular program. Only a few selected individuals passionate about outbound activities and keen on supporting children & youth development programs are invited and expected to join this expedition.

A senior Outward Bound staff will lead this expedition and will be supported by OB staff that runs these programs regularly.

It will be a privilege for us to have you with us on one of these expeditions for a truly wonderful Outward Bound experience for a bonding that will extend for a lifetime.

We look forward to your participation in making Outward Bound Bharat stronger in its endeavor to serve the community for a long time. 

Himalayan Odyssey

Program Description :

Expedition-CFC is conducted at some of the offbeat locations in Indian Himalayas. 

The treks take you deep into the wilderness through dense forest, rocky terrain, ice patches, and meadows giving to you the rare opportunity to observe closely nature’s bounty, maybe spot wildlife also if you are lucky.

The climbs are gradual and become moderately tough as you gain height. Normally you will go for height gaining and reach the highest point on the ridge or a peak, a kind of summit. The climb will certainly reassure you of your unwavering confidence in your health & fitness. 

Camping in tents is a wonderful experience. Blue sky during day time & stars by night and the unpredictability of weather changes keeps you guessing. Interspersed with some interesting activities, interactions and sharing makes the expedition lively and heartwarming.

The expedition and the adventure therein will remind you of your youth days and possibly will also convince you that age is just a number everything else is a mind game.


Program Venue

For this program, the venue will be the Great Himalayan National Park located in the Kulu district of Himachal Pradesh. The total program is of eight days plus traveling from your place of residence

Difficulty Level

The difficulty level of this expedition is easy to moderately tough and needs preparation to get physically fit to ensure you enjoy the activity and remain fit throughout the expedition.

Program Type

This program is a fundraising initiative to support the Outward Bound cause. OB Bharat is registered with the IT authorities under the 80G section for tax exemption.


Well-wishers who wish to join this program will be required to fill a form of participation & declaration which includes the medical details. If required a current medical fitness certificate will have to be obtained from a medical consultant.

Since this trek takes you to the high altitude, acclimatization process is to be followed strictly. Some people who do not get acclimatized may not be allowed to climb beyond a certain height by the team leader and the same will be binding on the participant.

Outward Bound Bharat has a strict “NO USE” policy towards tobacco products, alcohol and intoxicating substances.   



Program Brief
Days 8 Days.
Age Group 35 To 55 Years
Location The Himalayas.
Months August
Activities High Altitude trekking & River Rafting.
Fees Rs.21,000/-
Program Head Incharge
Name : Sudhir Moharir
Email :
Phone : 9225225889.
Timings : 10 to 6 Pm. on all working days.
Program Enrolment / Enquiry
DATE : 15-08-2017