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BE PRO   Contact : +91 712 6453042

Category: Adult

Program Overview :

Be pro active – Be productive – Be a professional.

Young working adults find themselves constantly under pressure to perform and keep their self image intact. However circumstances at times are confusing and individuals are unable to understand the complexities around them.                 

Swinging between what is good for me, what are my priorities to what should be my approach to work leaves many an individual looking for answers which basically are within but seem impossible to get.

Creating self-environment for growth and progress without jeopardising one’s career needs some introspection and an element of truth in it to be what one is.

It is better to discover self and balance the outer world for a balanced approach to work life at its simplest.

Be Pro is a three days outbound program designed to explore the possibility of bettering one’s work life scenario and stay focused. 

Himalayan Odyssey

Program Description :

This two days program is a combination of physical as well as a mental endurance test for the participants.

Your professional experience comes in handy for you to explore the experiential learning process during the program.

The group activities and the tasks bring to surface a number of queries for which a collective effort is made to find solutions. The answers add to your information and knowledge.

The next big question is how do you transfer your learnings to real-life situations. 

Come join the program and find out for yourself. 

This professional development program can take you to the next higher level of success in your organisation.


Program Brief
Days 2 Days / 2 Nights.
Age Group 28 To 38 Years
Location Sahas The Camp
Months July to February.
Activities High ropes course , Challenge course, Navigation, Sports wall climbing, Team games & tasks.
Fees Rs.3100/-
Program Head Incharge
Name : Sudhir Moharir
Email :
Phone : 9225225889.
Timings : 10 to 6 Pm. on all working days.
Program Enrolment / Enquiry
DATE : 15-12-2017
DATE : 12-01-2018
DATE : 09-02-2018