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Category: College Student

Program Overview :

Graduates Development Program-Part II


“The pessimist looks at the opportunities and sees difficulties; the optimist looks at the difficulties and sees opportunities”.

Students who have successfully completed (GDP-I) and have utilized their development plan during the initial years are now ready to take up the part II of this program.

The GDP-II is a skills development program. Participants in this program learn and become aware of the different skills they must try to develop in their final year of graduation. Like in the first part, here also they develop the skills development road map and work on it so that they are ready for the work opportunities when the time comes. 

Himalayan Odyssey

Program Description :

This expeditionary learning program takes the participants through a series of skills building exercises. They take the ownership of the expedition on which they embark.

Every participant is actively engaged & involved to get the best experience in planning and organizing. They get enough opportunities to lead and learn from it.

The group dynamics gives them the insight into the human behavior and working together and the skills they need to nurture. They also experiment with the decision making processes to explore the elements of cooperation & collaboration at different levels.

Moreover the outdoor challenges prepare them mentally and physically to face the eventualities.


Program Brief
Days 8 to 12 Days.
Age Group 21 To 24 Years
Location The Great Himalayan National Park.
Months Mid / End Semester..
Activities Wilderness expedition.
Fees N.A
Program Head Incharge
Name : Abijit Bobde
Email :
Phone : 9769211665.
Timings : 10 to 6 Pm. on all working days.
Program Enrolment / Enquiry