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Category: College Student

Program Overview :

Graduates Development Program - Part I

“Excellence is achieved by consistency, innovation and determination”.

How much you value your graduation depends on how you make your choices and how you engage yourself in this journey. It is a journey that determines your course of action that will stand you in good stead when you are out there in the midst of hopes and expectations. Having a self-development roadmap right in the beginning of this graduation journey is the key that will help you go places. 

Every year thousands of students graduate from different universities and start looking for employment opportunities. Survey done by one of the well known industry associations however puts a very large percentage of these graduates on a very low scale of employment eligibility. The reason cited is lack of skills that the employers expect the graduates to be equipped with when they come out of the universities.     

This has created a scenario where, in spite of employment opportunities employers are unable to get skilled employees as per their requirement. There exists a huge gap between academics on one side and employment opportunities on the other side.

It is necessary that the individuals who are pursuing graduation studies must simultaneously make efforts to acquire skills that will help them in getting better employment opportunities after graduation. If you are a University student you need to explore the possibilities of having a skills development plan along with your graduation studies.

This Graduates Development Program has two parts. Part I is a 3 days outbound program recommended for students in their first year (Age group 18-20 years). Part 2 is an expeditionary learning program recommended for students in the third year of their Graduation. (21-24 years). 

Himalayan Odyssey

Program Description :


The Graduates Development Program – Part I, is a wonderful opportunity for students to develop an understanding of the personal development process that can help them in focusing on the life skills.

Students joining the first year of their graduation, in addition to the academic knowledge they are trying to gain, must also simultaneously focus on their personal development.

They must be able to identify their development needs, should be able to plan the development process and must have a development roadmap in front of them. With this plan in hand, they should be able to utilize the first two years in developing themselves accordingly.

‘Swavalamban’ is specially designed for the first & second year students.

This experiential learning program brings about a qualitative change in the thought processes of the participants. It gives to them a deep understanding of the development process.  

Successful participants from part I become eligible for certification and are also offered internship and scholarships possibilities to participate in Part II of this program. 

This is a 3 Nights & 3 Days program with the participants arriving at the campsite in the evening on the first day & departing on the fourth day in the evening.

Transportation will be arranged for the participants from Nagpur & the dispersal will also be at Nagpur.

Those willing to join must enrol themselves and will be advised further to complete the registration formalities. 


Program Brief
Days 3 Nights / 3 Days.
Age Group 18 To 20 Years
Location Sahas The Camp
Months July to February.
Activities High Ropes Course, Challenge course, Sports wall climbing & Rappelling, Navigation, Kayaking , Rafting, Team games & Tasks.
Fees Rs.4500.
Program Head Incharge
Name : Abhijit Bobde.
Email :
Phone : 9769211665.
Timings : 10 am to 6 Pm.
Program Enrolment / Enquiry
DATE : 04-01-2018
DATE : 11-01-2018