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Category: School Student

Program Overview :

Children in this age group are expected to gradually get out of their protective environment and begin to believe in their personal capacity to manage themselves when on their own. In the process they build on their self confidence and the parents should also start trusting their children’s capabilities. It’s a win – win situation for both as the mutual confidence building process takes roots and the children are able to value their freedom with responsibility.

Going outdoors is a great learning experience and only when children experience the wilderness they become passionate about it.

The adventure and the group activities support the interpersonal skills development process. The learning is multidimensional. To discover passion for outdoors and to learn to live life passionately is the theme of this program.

The Outward Bound activities allow the participants to explore their life skills and learn through the process. To many it comes out as a life changing experience.

The instructor staff are experienced and well equipped to assist the participants in all the activities.

If you are keen to explore the joining possibilities, do register your enquiry with us.

Himalayan Odyssey

Program Description :

Program Type: 

This is a Nature & Adventure based Vacation Camp for children to explore the personal development possibilities. It is an ideal opportunity for students to get exposed to group participation and develop self confidence.


The venue for this program will be "The Great Himalayan National Park" in the Kulu District of Himachal Pradesh. The park offers dense forest,  waterfall and wonderful wilderness activities & opportunities to explore the nature around. As one climbs the top of the mountain nearby the snow covered Himalayan peaks become visible.

Difficulty Level:

The activities are easy to moderately tough and are designed to suit the requirement of this age group. The children trek through the wilderness to different locations. They carry their backpacks with them. 

Program Spread & Travel

The program is spread over 10 days.

Travel includes rail journey to New Delhi and further  overnight bus journey to Kulu. The base camp is inside the national park. Total 6 days of activities are nside the park.

Program Fees

The fees for the 6 days program from base camp to base camp is Rs.9000/-

The travel cost is budgeted around Rs.6000/- which includes train & bus journey. If you have any other travel plan please discuss with the group leader.

Register your inquiry now to get further details or call the office number between 10 am. to 6 Pm. on working days.


Program Brief
Days 10 Days.
Age Group 15 To 17 Years
Location The Great Himalayan National Park.
Months April
Activities Trekking, Nature trails, Rock Climbing, Interaction with local communities.
Fees Rs.9,000/-
Program Head Incharge
Name : Bharat Yadav
Email :
Phone : 7083265121
Timings : 10 am to 6 Pm.
Program Enrolment / Enquiry
DATE : 15-04-2018
DATE : 22-04-2018