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Category: School Student

Program Overview :

Children are naturally adventurous in their own way. Their curiosity has no boundaries. When harnessed together, these two qualities can lead them into a wonderful learning experience.

At Outward Bound we simply engage them in activities that are challenging enough. The enthusiasm and the energy level take them beyond their comforts. Riding on their collective strengths they are able to achieve much more than they thought they can.

Our facilitators ensure that the positive environment thus created is utilized productively for the children to appreciate the little skills they explore in making them confident about themselves and their capabilities.

Under the circumstances, the children learn to relate themselves well with others and also to work together and enjoy the companionship. Thus developing the much-needed people skills. This learning will always help them feel comfortable and confident wherever they go.

Let your child cherish the childhood dreams of adventurous moments 

Himalayan Odyssey

Program Description :

Program Type

This “Nature & Adventure Camp” is a residential program. The participants stay in the dormitories at the campsite, with Girls and boys staying separately.

The group during activities is further divided into sub-groups each with 10-12 participants and a team leader ensures all round participation from them. The day starts early in the morning and continues till late in the evening with breaks in between.

The groups get enough time in between the activities to rest and recharge themselves for better performance during the next. Briefing & Debriefing sessions by the team leaders ensure that the participants remain focused during the activities and also learn from their experience.

Difficulty Level

The activities are a mix of land based, water based & other group activities. The difficulty level of the activities ranges from easy to moderately tough. With little extra efforts, all activities are within the reach of most of the participants.  

Registration & Payment

To register for the program the participants are required to fill up and submit the form of participation & declaration which is mandatory. The fees are payable in full during registration.

Reporting & Dispersal

The participants are expected to report at the Outward Bound city office at the given time, day & date, from here the participants are transported to the campsite by road.

After the completion of the program, participants will be transported back to the Outward Bound Nagpur office from where they will disperse on the given day, date & time.


Participants successfully completing the camp are awarded a certificate of participation and appreciation.

Cancellation & Refunds

Participant’s who wish to cancel participation should submit the same in writing or through email.

Cancellation charges Rs.500/- up to two days prior to the start date.

Cancellation charges Rs.1000/- for less than two days notice.

No refunds if the participant is required to leave the camp after joining.

Refunds will be done only through Account Payee Bank Cheque.    


Participant must have completed all the joining formalities at the time of reporting.

The participant should be medically fit on the day of joining.

The participant will not be allowed to leave the camp for any reason other than a medical emergency.



Program Brief
Days 5 Days / 5 Nights.
Age Group 10 To 14 Years
Location Melghat
Months March & April. (Summer Vacation), October (Diwali vacation), December (Winter vacation)
Activities Rock Climbing, Trekking, Nature Trail, Group activities, Creative sessions, Camp fun.
Fees N.A
Program Head Incharge
Name : Gautam Jha
Email :
Phone : 8600926922.
Timings : 1 Pm to 7 Pm. on all working days.
Program Enrolment / Enquiry