Sahas The Camp

Sahas The Camp


The Venture

Sahas the Camp is a collaborative venture initially conceptualized by Mundle Educational Trust.  Shri.P.R.Mundle, a true visionary and a philanthropist visualized the need to have outdoor activities based training campsite for the development of children and the youth in the region.

In the year 2000, the first group of trainees arrived at the campsite thus marking the beginning of a noble venture that will evolve into an experiential learning & training center in the days to come.

The campsite was aptly named “SAHAS”, meaning courage. It is also an acronym for

Strength  Ability  Humility  Attitude  Success

The campsite offers plenty of opportunities to the participating individuals to think in terms of personal development towards achievement & success in life.

Outward Bound Bharat Trust, since 2006, has been instrumental in running the campsite through its numerous activities and development programs.

The Environ.

This Outward Bound training campsite is a unique experience of nature’s bounty & the challenges of outdoor activities.  As you enter the campsite, you are enveloped by the greenery around and you feel relaxed as your eyes move over the still water in the lakes. The quietness is lovingly disturbed by the bird calls and the gentle breeze.

Spread over 80 acres with its twin lakes, the participants will find the going quite interesting and challenging when in action.

The glimpse of the towering 60 Ft. high sports climbing wall gives you the first hint of the outbound training site. The climbing walls, the ropes course, the water-based activities and many other group challenges, combine to give the participants an entirely different learning experience, an experience that nurtures confidence & well-being beyond one’s comfort zone.

On the West side, the wilderness activities in the nearby 400 acres of forest patch hold a few surprises for the participants. On the East side, the huge expanse of the dam waters and the undulating hill ranges beyond are inviting and add a new dimension to the camping activities.

Children, youth and also adults will find the range of activities offering a refreshingly new dimension to their personal thinking and the development process.

Sahas The Camp offers a learning environment in the midst of serene natural surroundings.

Come and experience it for yourself.

Land based activities.

Backpacking, Cycling, Navigation, Obstacles course, Rappelling, Ropes Course, Sports wall climbing, Trekking, Wilderness Camping, Zip line.

Water based activities.

Kayaking, Rafting, Swimming.

Other Activities

Meditation, Nature trails, Stargazing, Team games, Team Tasks.


The campsite is situated about 45 kms from Nagpur on Hyderabad highway.