Make Your Adventure Participation Fruitful.

If you want to join an Outward Bound program you must start your preparations early. That will help you in deriving the maximum benefit out of your participation. Choose the right program and then get the experience that will stay with you forever.


You will be surprised to know what kind of responses individuals give when asked why they want to join an OB program. Last year an 18 year boy said he wants to stay away from home because during that period his high school results will be out and he has doubts about his getting through. Another girl said she wants to go because her friend wants her to go too. Yet another boy didn’t want to accompany parents on a vacation and thought this could be a better way out. Even parents sometimes offer funny reasons when they want their child to join the program. 

Our counseling staff is there to help you to take an informed decision in joining the right program. Once that is done you go back and start your preparations earnestly. We email to you necessary information about the program and also help you start your fitness regime. At times we have to say ‘No’ to someone who is found to be medically or physically unfit for the program.

Once the individual has shown enough commitment, we start setting certain broad objectives through counseling that motivates the individual to start working towards the personal goals, after all achievements are very important when you are out there accepting challenges, working with others, in the midst of unfamiliar settings.

Our instructors & team leaders are committed towards the participants, the nature & environment too. The success of the program depends on the collaboration between the participants & the OB staff who together give their best even under trying conditions.

Take an early call; get in touch with us for a wonderful experience called Outward Bound.



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