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As a young individual you are inspired by your parents as you watch them do so many things effortlessly and with an aplomb. You try and copy them and you declare one day you want to become one like them.


Life is all about achieving things, big or small. When you are young & innocent, small successes give you the pleasure and the happiness. The feel good feeling makes life worthwhile. The world around you is just & full of promises because that is what you have been experiencing it.

 As you grow and become independent, the expectations within and around you become bigger and mightier, you soon realize how different it is to cope up with these realities. Achievements are there, recognition & rewards are also there, but the genuine pleasure and the happiness experienced in the childhood is missing.

Somewhere along the way choices become difficult, drawbacks & at times failures make things unsavory. The environment around you is not helping you either. Self doubts start raising their ugly heads and you are confounded with the fear of failure more often.

It’s time to look around. Look at the positive side of it. Look out for people who have treated their failures as stepping stones to innovative thought processes. Look for people who have shown higher level of commitment while overcoming their shortcomings. Get inspired by their successes in spite of repeated failures. It is very rightly said ‘Only those people fail who try”.

Getting inspired and inspiring others is the hall mark of achievers. It’s the mindset that you need to train to be like that. Getting out of life comforts to enhance your physical as well as mental endurance could be the first step towards breaking the mental barriers that are holding you back. When you challenge yourself then only you can hope to move on to the higher orbit of success.

Reading success stories of achievers makes life interesting, but do not fail to look for the message that will inspire you. After all, it is important to know what inspires you. Few words of wisdom & small actions have inspired people to achieve great success in their life.

Quote in Hindi:

“Paseene ki syaahi se, jo likhte hain apne iradon ko, unke muqaddar ke panne kabhi korey nahin hua karte” - Geeta Phogat. (Wrestler).


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