Learning Life Skills Experientially

Expeditionary learning program helps children explore & learn life skills while the children work on their school projects with their school teachers and the OB Instructors.


With growing urbanization we have drifted away from natural surroundings. Moreover we are also missing on the small wonders of nature that were so much a part of our daily lives earlier and meant so much to us. The most affected are the children, who are unable to witness the magical changing seasons, neither are they able to identify themselves with the glory of the rising Sun nor the beauty of the setting Sun. Some children are lucky to have access to gardens in their city and be able to observe some aspects of the changing life cycles of nature, but most are unable to observe the magic of the night sky.

How can we compensate children with these loses once in a while!

During holidays & vacations, children can move out with their families to be in the midst of nature. Some schools take the initiative and plan for picnics, outings to different locations, so that children can come close to nature & enjoy the beauty of natural surroundings.

Sometimes there is reluctance on the part of some schools as they are unable to balance their school priorities vis-à-vis curriculum & the extracurricular activities. Small innovations in their approach can help attain a balance without affecting the curriculum negatively.

Experiential learning modules can be effectively implemented to bring children close to nature and engage them in activities to establish ‘A Connect’ with the topics in the curriculum and enhance the impact on their understanding of the subjects taught in the classroom. This not only reduces the need for rote learning but improves the understanding of the child manifold.

At Outward Bound Bharat we conduct “Expeditionary Learning Programs” for school children. These programs are run in collaboration with school teachers, who design the modules to cover a part of their subjects through these expeditions in the wilderness. Learning expedition is a wonderful way of engaging the children proactively by keeping their curiosity alive and putting the onus of learning on them. They are convinced, the expedition belongs to them, they themselves are the leaders and the final outcome is their success.

Expeditionary learning is also a way of bringing the different “Life Skills” to surface in the process and making the children aware of their importance in life. Life skills education is a part of regular schooling and the most effective way is to explore and learn the skills experientially.

Schools interested in knowing more about the “Expeditionary Learning Programs” can get in touch with Outward Bound Bharat.



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